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"The music is attractive and there is a clever wit and many interesting patterns in the lyrics."

Sheldon Harnick (writer of "Fiddler on the Roof", "She Loves Me") for "What Do Critics Know?" 

“A new classic romantic comedy with  a score where you'll find yourself leaving the theater humming a tune. Strong belting solos, dynamic duets, harmonizing trios, exuberant ensembles and the good old chorus of singers and dancers that  are absolutely perfect, fully immersed in their characters, with great comic flair, solid vocals and just the right amount of emotional depth to make an audience fall in love with them.."

Theatre Reviews Limited (for "What Do Critics Know?") 

“The music and lyrics by James Campodonico and book writer Matthew Gurren were uplifting, powerful and really brought the power of the production home. The concept was fresh, fun, and most of all eye-opening."  

TheatreScene.Net (for "What Do Critics Know?") 

“A delightful throwback to classic 'let's put on a show' musicals like Kiss Me Kate and Summer Stock. Kudos to the writers for filling their book with unexpected twists as we see romantic pairings go outside the box, and featured players are all given the opportunity to be "real" characters instead of filler. Filled with vibrant dance numbers, a lush, beautiful score...A long life should be in store for such a delightfully brainy show!" 

Stage Buddy (for "What Do Critics Know?") 

“Its period setting and Golden Age razzle-dazzle may lead What Do Critics Know? to become a favorite." 

Theatremania (for "What Do Critics Know?") 

RIO UPHILL: A Musical Film 

"Rio Uphill" ASCAP panel Rick Boynton,  Bob Martin & Stephen Schwartz

Production photo of "The Suffragette" at Balch Arena Theatre

"What Do Critics Know?" NYMF Production Rehearsal

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