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The Suffragette

Set in 1913, England. Jane Tassell, a former suffragette in a failing marriage, is visited by Diane Kyllmann, her oldest friend and a radical member of the Women’s Social and Political Union. Jane must now choose between returning to her former life with the women’s movement and the quiet, peaceful life she hoped to have. 


Charles Sterling never imagined that a writing desk he purchased at auction would hide a dark secret: a tape recording of a private cabinet meeting between Winston Churchill and his top advisors concerning the Nazi bombing of London.  If exposed, the contents of the tape could result in a disastrous political scandal and tarnish the legacy of one of Britain’s most cherished leaders. Plunged into a government conspiracy involving foreign espionage, Charles’ life is threatened by ruthless forces that will stop at nothing to recover the tape. As the 1945 British general election draws near, Charles must confront a horrible truth that could decide the fate of Postwar Britain. 

The Appraiser's Desk

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